Mission Statement Template

Here’s a quick template that you can use if you’re brainstorming and running out of ideas, or just need a quick structure for how to create your statement.

Mission Statement Template

First answer the following questions:

1. What is our purpose? (Why do we exist)
2. Who benefits from our existence? (Who are our customers/clients)
3. What is it that we do for those who benefit from our existence? (What do we do?)
4. How do we do that? (In what way do we provide this service)

Here are example answers from the above questions, remember to think of all angles. Look at the questions from a broad perspective, narrow perspective, expand out your focus, narrow your focus so your questions will be all encompassing:

1. We exist to provide one single source of information for business owners and individuals looking for information regarding mission statements.

2. Our customers are anyone looking to write a mission statement, be it personal or for a business, but primarily new or current business owners.

3. We provide one resource of quality information for free to our customers that gives them all the tools they need to write an effective mission statement.

4. We do that by compiling all the information they need in one easy to navigate source, where it is right at their fingertips.

Ok, now that we have the basic framework for our mission statement, we turn the answers to all the questions above into one whole, cohesive piece. Remember to brainstorm when you’re answering the questions. You don’t have to necessarily use everything. Hone it down and be precise. Focus on exactly what your mission is as a business. Focus on exactly who your customers are and how you plan to do business. If your business were a person, when other people were talking about it, what would they say? Be as specific as possible when answering the questions. Here’s a mission statement example derived from the answers above:

“Our mission is to provide one source of easily navigable information for business owners and individuals looking to learn about mission statements.We do that by providing compelling, well crafted free content that will aid them in developing their own mission statements.”

Notice that I didn’t necessarily use exactly the words that were used as answers above. Use the answers to your questions to craft an all new piece. Start with “Our mission is….” and go through questions 1-4.

Mission Statement Examples

If you need some more ideas or inspiration, take a quick look at our mission statement examples page for some assistance.